Generating an API Key

To use the Shanje Control Service, an API Key is required in addition to a Shanje login name and password. Luckily, it is really easy to generate an API Key.

The first step is log into the Shanje Web Control Panel. Then mouse over Main Menu in the horizontal bar at the top of the page. Then hover the mouse over Get API Key and then click your mouse button. This will open the API Key page. Here is a direct link to the API page.

Get API Key

Once you are on the API Key page, you can hit the Generate New API Key button to generate a new key. Or you can simply copy the existing key. NOTE: If this is your first time using this page, the API Key gnerator has already created a new key for you.

Generate API Key

After you have copied your API Key, you can paste your API Key into any scripts you have that use the Shanje Control Service. You can generate a new API Key at any time using the process outlined above. When you generate a new API Key, any scripts that you have will stop working until you update the API Key in those scripts to reflect the new API Key.

TIP: It is generally a good practice to set up a variable in your web application to store your current API Key. That way you can easily centralize the storage of the API Key in a single location, which will simplify the updating of the API Key in your web application when you generate a new API Key.