The CreateEmailAccount function creates a new email account in an existing website in your account. All of its input parameters are strings. It will return the success status of the function call attempt as a string.

ASP.NET code example
(using web service proxy class)

Dim objTemp as New ShanjeControlService

str = objTemp.CreateEmailAccount(WCPLogin, WCPPassword, APIKey, User, Domain, EmailPassword, Quota)

Variables Defined
WCPLogin - your Shanje login ID
WCPPassword - your Shanje login Password
APIKey - your Shanje APIKey
User - user part of user@domain
Domain - domain part of user@domain (must already exist in your account)
EmailPassword - password for this email account
Quota - value in megabytes; can be 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100; if you select any other value, the default value of 2 is used

Download Complete Example
ASP.NET CreateEmailAccount Example