The CreateWebsite function creates a new website/domain in your account. All of its input parameters are strings. It will return the success status of the function call attempt as a string.

ASP.NET code example
(using web service proxy class)

Dim objTemp as New ShanjeControlService

str = objTemp.CreateWebsite(WCPLogin, WCPPassword, APIKey, WebsiteName, PlanID, WebsitePassword, AdminEmailAddress)

Variables Defined
WCPLogin - your Shanje login ID
WCPPassword - your Shanje login Password
APIKey - your Shanje APIKey
WebsiteName - hostname; can be or (do not include www.)
PlanID - ID number of the Plan in the Shanje WCP that you want to apply to this site
WebsitePassword - password for this website; password will be used for FTP, WCC, and FrontPage (if enabled)
AdminEmailAddress - email address of owner of this new website

PlanID Details
The PlanID is the unique ID assigned by the Shanje Web Control Panel to each plan that is created. You can find the PlanID number using the Shanje Web Control Panel.

Download Complete Example
ASP.NET CreateWebsite Example